Paper City Productions

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Welcome to Paper City 

"Wonderfully evocative Papier-mâché  Beasts. ...a wistful celebration of make-believe"   -The New York Times 



Who ...

Paper City Productions is an emerging theatre company committed to bringing new stories and songs to family audiences and audiences of all ages.  Utilizing everything from detailed shadow puppets to Bunraku-style figures to papier-mâché masks and hand puppets, we are focused on presenting a rich live theatre experience that transcends age. We use a simple list of ingredients:  Live Music, the Ancient Arts of Mask and Puppetry and New Stories.

"compelling" ... "carefully conceived, crafted and executed"


What ...

Our first Production, ELIZA'S WINDOW had a successful Summer run in 2005 at The Manhattan Theatre Source and garnered fantastic reviews from the press and the public, young and old alike. (read our reviews!)  Our Second original production for family audiences,A GRAND OLE" GIFT, was presented at, and funded by, the Generoso Pope Foundation in Tuckahoe, NY. In June of 2006, we had the pleasure of presenting yet another original piece of theatre for family audiences in Central Park, THE MAGIC TREE, A Urban Fable with Music and Mask. 

"The play's wonderfully crafted puppets, made entirely out of paper, enhance the already dazzling performances."

                   - Big Apple Parent 

Why ...

As a society we are becoming increasingly wired-up and plugged-in in an attempt to connect with one another and the world. The bells and whistles are getting louder and the images are coming at us faster - there is little time to slow down, little time to connect. Live theatre affords us that opportunity to be together and share stories; stories that are not recorded and presented on a screen, but something happening here and now, and only here and now, with all of us together as one witness.

"ingenious characters" ...  "rollicking tunes"

                                  - New York Times